The Secret of 90years old and Still Driving

Have you ever heard that due to the consumption of calcium, your bones and teeth will grow stronger and allow you to live up to 90years or so?

The question is:

Is your mind still active, if you rich that age?

You maybe thinking:

'yes' and 'no'

And have other reasons contributes to living longer, right?

Okay, I admit, I am 29years and soon in 30s. But, I do have my loving grandfather which still drives a car til today.

As you may wonder:

'You're joking,right?'

Really hard to believe, ya? You can interview him and yes still talking clearly and walks steadily. Maybe a little slow but try asking him about Tun Mahathir, OH! He knows everything.

As a granddaughter, i was interested in his stories since I was living under his care in 2007 to 2017. Yup, 10 years it is.

The Secret

Through the journey in staying with him, I noticed these few secrets never I heard him share to anyone.

1. Staying Healthy
2. Having an active mind
3. Accepting nature

Now you're asking:

How did he stay healthy? What do you mean with an active mind? Accepting nature to take place, in what way?

1. He stays healthy
✨ My grandfather change his ways to jog early morning 60-70years) and as his legs progressively getting slower and not suitable in running anymore, he walks (70-80years), and now not doing any exercise but watering his plants (90years).

2. Keep an Active Mind
✨ He loves to read the newpaper. He listens to news on the television. Even when with Astro he keeps update on sports too!

3. Accepting Nature
✨I've watched his friends and family passed on, but he never complain and too often he smile and laugh, as though he has nothing to worry about.

True fact:

"Did you know? When you reach 65 years in this late adulthood, either you're going through an integrity phase or despair" (Erickson, 1982)

Oh, I believe we need to always spark up our neurons in our minds to avoid becoming dull in the later life. Start now to a positive mindset.

The wrinkled on his face the footsteps he take and make it happen, a heart that is always loving and accepting challenges is what i can share by making my grandfather as an example. In fact, taking supplements is very recommended starting now, you will be amazed by what life has to offer.

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I have met lots of late generations which are still working in hospitals actively. Salute them!

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