How to stop your Child to addiction of Gadgets

Speak softly but firm when comes teaching a Child.

1. Limitations

Have you ever heard of someone else's blog says have a scheduled time for television? Well it's as same as gagdets. Without disciplining your child they will get addictive too.

2. Change your habit

Kids do not follow what you say, they follow specifically what you do. I remember I was munching away my meal after feeding Ongkis, my son. Suddenly I realised he was watching me, he was copying the movrment of my mouth on how tight his lips are closed while making some movement as if he was also munching. It's a good habit though to close your mouth while eating, good habits established. But what if it's a gadgets, right?

3. Mealtime 

During mealtime dont allow your Child to be offer gadgets. It's is not something new when they grow later they want their gadgets to be on the table, while you actually just want to have that real conversation and spending time together.

4. Responding sociameds in a fix time

There is a lot time to responding socio med when your Child is a sleep. Tell them if it's really that important, pick up the handphone and call.

5. Educate new skills 

Instead of having a hard time avoiding you and your cellphone, why not educate a new skills, like drawing or colouring, flash cards or UNO? It will be fun for you and your Child. Your Child will love it.

6. Outdoor games

Play, I-spy-with-my-little-eye game, hide and seek? And there alwwys more when you Google it. It will be more healtheir.

It's never too late to learn to stop gadgets and live back your olden days when you are growing up. Our generations needs it. - Anonymous

Source: Childhood Unplugged Drawing Kids Away Their Gadget Addiction12 Ways Raise Competent Confidence Child Grit


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