The pregnancy journey Shaklee included


Yeap, thats my son's name. Ongkis in Dusun (Sabahans culture) means Fast. It was because i was in a labour room for 3hours only. My aunt and aunt in laws, together with my other family members was praying earnestly for baby to come out safely.

Supplements i took:-

B Complex to ease my unpredictable hormones. Energizing Soy Protein (ESP) to ward off my hunger and fulfill my cravings especially coffee which i love but manage to stop with this drink. It is also to built healthy tissue for baby in womb.
Osteomatrix to keep my joints less pain and giving calcium to my baby
Vitalea to strengthened weak bodies to carry baby and own body, plus, building up enough blood supply to deliever to baby and heart.
Vitamin C for mothers who has low immune systems
Omegaguards to deliever enough building blocks for baby's brain cells.

It had made me felt so much better after started the third month taking this supplements with consistency

My pregnancy was rough BUT amazingly happy moments that i wouldn't want to exchange anything for it.

I had a regular 'red flag' consistently for every month, same date or nearest. The minute i missed my period for 7days, i was anxious. My cravings was off limits. It was western food like mcDs, SugarBuns, Pizzas, pasta and spaghetti of any kinds. I was missig the chheese taste, AT thst time was undescribsble delicious.

I think to myself, "what happen? Didn't i just had some yesterday?" Usually in that week i  use to eat once a week and i am moving back to my healthy rice,veges andfruits diet. So, after i finis hanging out with some friends, I passed by a clinic which i can get most cheapest pregnancy test.

VoillĂ ! Pregnancy test appeared postitive. The feeling of happiness filled my eyes and panicked at the same time. Yes, it was not a good time and yay! not everyone can have a child. So i decided to keep.

I think most of us are well raised with advises and keeping standards by what we learned through our parents or guardians.

But the fact that how our choices and experiences in life varied with one another is different of how we face challenges alone.

I don't say marriage out of wedlock is, okay. It is best to avoid it. But i believed in soul mates and it do really exist. Though some may not find such person but its still awesome to be a single mom, easier to manage your children with one head.

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