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Milkbooster is essential to all exclusive breastfeeding mothers and non exclusive mothers. Why essential? With a time consuming, hairwired moments but worth it, a flexible time to cater to baby's demands and going to work on a daily basis are very important to have milkboosters standby at homes. Worthy moments like, feeding baby, changing diapers, showering, playing with their babys and pumping breast are all the needs that must be fulfilled, ON TIME. Howevever, those who are non-exclusive mothers need to go work and pumping breast has limited time, and sometimes it is impossible to pump breast in busy peak hours in working area. This has made them to compromise in their pumping schedule time.

What happens when pumping schedule time is delayed long hours? Breastmilk has its capacity, when the breast is filled with milk, immediately the hormones signal is slowed down. 

Breastmilk becomes lesser by day 3 if scheduled pump is delayed. Hast, breast gets engorged, clogged and painful.

Frustrated, right?

Here is what you need to do.

Results may vary for each different mothers.

1. Get yourselves in a hot shower and massage your breast in circular motion as if you are looking for a lump. Starting from your underarms circular motion (clockwise) gently surrounding whole breast area til u reach your nipple and excrete milk out a little
2. Drink warm water, warm a little hotter which is safe to drink.
3. Give your baby to latch with his whole mouth covering the aerola.
(*however if you are comfortable to give him a formula milk,for the time being is ok to give. BUT if formula milk is not in your list, consider looking for mothers who give their breastmilk away)
4. Consume supplements according to consultants.
5. Pump breast latest is 4hourly. In 3 days it will be increased enough to feed/restock for your baby.

Milkboosters are a helpful way to make sure your breast are full in moments and emptied til the last drop. It is a helful way , in saving time while avoiding the side effect of not having to pump on time, example, engorgement and clumps in breasts are easily to overcome.

Shaklee supplements suggests

Lechitin - to avoid clumps in breast

Alfalfa - maximising/boost your breastmilk

Milkboosters Shaklee Supplements


I too, once had engorgement and clumps all because my pumping schedule was hair wired and my food consumers was out of my fixed schedule.

I took risk of holding up my work to just have a place to pump my breast, as a nurse it was challenging to keep up at the fixed schedule of pumping breasts and patients comes first.

Now, i have not felt clumps so far and breastfeeding and stocks are as easy as it can be! Well, now i am a full time mom! Its a good chance to start stocking more..

If you ever need a hand to support you in breastfeeding? Or need to order supplements as mention above?

Please do contact me here.

Please also see Penyusuan Baby for more information on breastfeeding the correct way! My appologis, its in malay language.

Any questions on your health? My background and current supplementary knowledge may help you.


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