How to make your favourite delicious beverage?

How do you start your day?

Well, for me, I wake up very early to make sure my baby gets his food on time.
Before that i need to make sure i have enough stamina to go through a day with chaging diapers, cooking, feeding, make him up, cleaning house, in between hungry and sometimes can't pee. Haha!

I love being a mother it makes me feel that i am living for a purpose of being there as a mom. Its actually fun!

Somehow, i need my 'me time'. How do i spend time on 'me'. Is keeping inspiring others by creating a happy scene. One of it is making my own homemade beverages.

Lets see here. I have made some recipes with Milo and ESP. Hope you can try it too..and please give me feedbacks. Thank you in advance 😊😊

Let's start..


A 200mls mug

Spoon to stir


ESP Shaklee


Hot chocolate Milo

  1. Put a hot water 1/3 into the 200mls mug
  2. Add 2scoops of tablespoon
  3. Using a teaspoon dilute until clumps are not seen
  4. Once dark brown milo is seen after stirring, add hot water another 1/3.
  5. Taste it, is it sweet or too heavy and blunt,if it is sticky to swallow,
  6. Add water half of half 1/3 water.
  7. Done!

  1. Add quarter hot water into 200mls mug
  2. Add 1/3water of room temperature

3. Warm water, a small spoon of ESP Shaklee and stir until clumps are diluted and not seen. (Make sure water is not hot, ESP is a supplemen which is suppose to drink warm). Then add 2scoops of milo.

Esp one table spoon is put in

Stirred completely leaving no clumps, remember make sure milo temperature is warm. 

4. Add oats

My oats i bought,it is the cooked quacker blue in colour wrapper oats, thats why it looks wet because i need to cook oats before drinking.Hehe!

5. Ready, and serve warm


  1. Add room temperature water into tall glas and add 3 scoop of ESP
  2. Stir until clumps are disolved
  3. Add ice cubes
  4. Add your favourite fruit,eg banana,strawberries,blueberries,apple
  5. Put in a blender until it blends smoothly
  6. Pour to serve

I think you manage to read it this far.. Hope you have enjoyed it. Apologies for some pictures are not uploaded.

I suggests you try the shake.. Its much more delicious!

Here you can also refer how to fill up your me time. By choosing the right Safe, Proven, Effective Skincare with YOUTH shaklee, you have honour yourselves, too!

Thank you for reading!

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