A Pretty face is beyond Skincare

Ever heard of people saying to you, like,

"Sharren, ceria juga kau(ko) hari ini?", or
"Sharren, you look happy today?

"Glowing juga muka ko hari ini? Ada good news?"(as if there is one, haha!)
"Your face is glowing today, any good news?

Well, one of the reason is I use facial mask from watson a l
LOT during my single days. Why? Its because i wanted to relieve my stress. I choose korean skin facial mask or the natural ones because i have sensitive skin.

I love facial mask i always wanted to invest on skincare but at that time, food was my addiction. Especially western food i crave so much, only to get some cheese in my craving stomach. The funny thing is my face doesnt turn out oily, it becomes very dry n flaky.. Then i started worry after eating,I realise i shouldn't have eaten that or I should have ate this.

Thank God there is YOUTH Shaklee

However, now that I started back on business track. I am looking forward to keep my income and bonuses small and slowly save up to get Starter Set from YOUTH which they offered Skincare for age between 20s-30s.

Uniqueness of YOUTH Shaklee will explain in detail why looking younger longer is important.

Now here, besides looking younger longer, we don't need to focus on skincare 100%. The other thing we need to take under account is a face is beyond beauty itself. Many factors such as the food we eat, the environment we are living in, what type of whether of country we are in, stressors which never stops haunting us, and the character we choose to be can create a big differences to maintain healthy natural beauty.

For me why I get people asking me such question is simple, because i choose to be careful what i eat. I eat more fruits like apple and banana or sometimes grapes (grapes are hard to find those cheap but quality ones). My stressors are, I changed different departments for once in 3months, imagined how many managers, friends tpnadapt working with and the speciality of that particular of a department really is stressful. I have an environment which is cold and moist, sunshine and rain are the whether i live in. I choose to be happy by thinking positive everyday (waking up early to be grateful for what you have improved my way of looking at problems - don't look at the problem, find SOLUTIONS).

Finally when you find something very unique such as your face or any part of your body have its uniqueness? Focus on that! No feet? No hands? No eyes? No sense of smell? Its okay.. You are still living and still breathing.. Go to the direction of your DREAMS and LIVE your life you have IMAGINED. Its never too late to be different.

God bless you all.


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