Shaklee has advanced from Nutriwhite to YOUTH

Quality, and not quantity that matters

How great one minds can work

SHAKLEE YOUTH SKINCARE was created by great people who comes together and form a special type of skincare where type of skin tone is available to use.

Shaklee has always been improving their product. Each skin type has their own preferance,you say? How about trying a new product which has these kind of ingredients.

* Lotus Japonicus which activates a type of protein where it's key to staying younger longer which will produce more collagen and elastin's
* Muscadine Grape has polifenol blend is mix well into each product, plays a role to protect and renew DNA skin cells. Moreover, it blocks the collagen and elastic which has already damage.
* Vital Repair + Complex gives an antioxidant nutrients and essential vitamins in order to inhibit the skin cells from an easily damage cells to growing more healthy skin cells

Still in doubt? Dont be, just remebr the VIVIX SHAKLEE has a powerful results so is YOUTH. Both has muscadine grape.

Have a sensitive skin? All shaklee product was never tried on animal cruelty. Sources come from natural substance of vegetables and fruits.

YOUTH skincare products will reach Malaysia in March 2018.. lets try it. Shaklee is the first company to try YOUTH after years of experimentally in her own Shaklee factory.




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