What is Vivix?

Vivix is a supplement which keep cells vital and strong due to the natural blend of polyphenols designed to help protect and repair DNA to slow down aging.

Why does vivix popular among shaklee users?

The main ingredient in vivix contains resveratrol which is referred to as  an active ingredients in grape or Red Wine which helps an-aging. Dr David Sinclair an Australian biologist and Professor of Genetics best known for his research on the biology of lifespan extension and driving research towards anti-aging. 

Though, he was more interested on the influence of a disease associated with aging through a supplement.

Shaklee Vivix produce 98% pure extract from grapes which resveratrol happen to be a strong antioxidant activity in plants which is to protect them from stress due to poor growing and severe weather.

What resveratrol can do to cancer cells?

Resveratrol holds a great potential in decreasing the cells functions towards a wide variety of tumors. The antipoliferative effects through induction of apoptosis in cell lines in a various origins, such as;

- breast cancer cells
- prostate cancer cells
- pancreas cancer cells
- head&neck cancer cells

*apoptosis -
- a necessary death of cells / a form of cell death necessary to make way for new cells and to remove cells whose DNA has been damaged to the point at which cancerous change is liable to occur. 

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